Re: Single-Cause Theories

Nick Corduan (nickc@DORITE.IQUEST.NET)
Thu, 20 Apr 1995 12:11:02 -0500

Bob Graber wrote:

> for multiple-cause theories! I really fail to grasp the argument that
> multiple-cause theories have some sort of inherent superiority. This

Hmm... Well, one thing that multiple-cause theories have over single-cause
theories is that they do not ignore the fact that humanity is not one mass
with the same culture.

At times, single-cause theories can work, but only when they truly take into
account every human culture that exists now and ever has existed. Just as
universal negatives are unscientific, so are universal positives without
universal sampling.

> well at all. Elegant, beautiful, and clear explanations are syptoms, on
> the other hand, that we are really getting somewhere. It is a false

This, to me, is more naive than scientists' delaing with multiple-cause
theories. This assumes some sort of cosmic soul that contains a personality /
culture which effects all humanity.


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