Re: Crusades on film/medieval movies ("
Tue, 11 Apr 1995 17:34:52 EDT

Nick, i disagree that people don't have a voracious interest in
arch/anth/hist--witness, for instance, the success of Jean Aul and other
novelists setting their work in prehistoric times. people were
originally drawn to "Jurrassic Park" because everyone loves dinasaurs;
better to have some "real information" stuck in there than not, as long
as the captive audience is there. And, of course, as you mention, Nat'l
Geo.--read by millions.

maybe the greater public isn't as interested as the smaller group
getting Biblical Archaology Review; in any case, there's still no reason
for us to make information inaccessible, or imagine that it's only for
the 'learned.' "Challenging people" is all very well, if they've been
given any foundation from which to start. and, how can interest be
increased (leading to increased funding????!!!!) unless an effort is
made on the part of those with the information?
rachel b