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An International Conference
July 1-4, 1996, Tampere, Finland


Cultural studies is not a one-way street between the centre and
peripheries. Rather, it is a crossroads, a meeting point in
between different centres, disciplines and intellectual
movements. People in many countries and with different
backgrounds have worked their way to the crossroads
independently. They have made contacts, exchanged views and
gained inspiration from each other in pursuing their goals.
The vitality of cultural studies depends on a continuous
traffic through this crossroads. Therefore the conference
organizers invite people with different geographical,
disciplinary and theoretical backgrounds together to share their
ideas. We encourage international participation from a wide range
of research areas.
The conference is organized by the Department of Sociology
and Social Psychology, University of Tampere, and Network
Cultural Studies. The organizing committee represents several
universities and disciplines.

Organizing committee International advisory board

Pertti Alasuutari (chair) Ien Ang (Australia)
Marko Valo (secretary) Jostein Gripsrud (Norway)
Pirkkoliisa Ahponen Lawrence Grossberg (USA)
Katarina Eskola Kim Schroder (Denmark)
Pasi Falk
Marja-Liisa Honkasalo
Eeva Jokinen
Mikko Lehtonen
Kaisu Rattya
Matti Savolainen
Annika Suoninen
Soile Veijola


Ien Ang * Pasi Falk * Paul Gilroy * Jostein Gripsrud *
Jaber F. Gubrium * Lawrence Grossberg * Eeva Jokinen *
Sonia Livingstone * Anssi Perakyla * Kim Schroder * Soile Veijola


As you will see below, many people have already volunteered to
organize sessions on a wide variety of topics, but there is still
the opportunity to add to the list. So please complete the
preliminary abstract form if you would like to give a paper or
offer to organize a session. There will also be a book
exhibition, and publishers are requested to contact the
The second announcement and invitation programme, including
more information about the conference, its side-events, and a
registration form will be available in September. At this stage
we assume that the conference fee - including lunch and coffee -
will be about 1000 FIM ($210) and hotel accommodation double $70
and single $60 (with breakfast included).
The Conference will be held in Tampere Hall that is the
largest congress and concert centre in the Scandinavia. Opposite
to the University of Tampere, Tampere Hall is within easy walking
distance from the centre of the city and its many services. The
unique architecture clearly reflects the activities for which the
building was built: conferences, exhibitions, concerts and


Anthropology and Cultural Studies: Influences and Differences

Body in Society

Cultural Studies and Space

Cultural Encounters in Mediterranean

Cultural Approaches to Education

Diaries and Everyday Life

Encountering with Otherness in Cultural Border-Crossings

Ethnography and Reception: Dilemmas in Qualitative Audience

Feminist and Cultural Approaches to Tourism

History and Theory of Cultural Studies

(Inter)Net Cultures and New Information Technology

Life Stories in European Comparative Perspective

Media Culture in the Everyday Life of Children and Youth

New Genders: The Decay of Heterosexuality

Post-Socialism and Cultural Reorganization

Risk and Culture

Social Theory and Semiotics

Study of Institutional Discourse

The Culture of Cities

The Narrative Construction of Life Stories

Voluntary Associations as Cultures

Youth Culture


To make sure you will receive the Invitation Programme and the
registation form and to ascertain a speedy decision on your
proposed paper, would you kindly return the reply form before
August 31, 1995.








Please send me the Invitation Programme

I would like to organize a session on:

I would like to present a paper at the session on:

Preliminary Abstract (No more than 100 words, please type, or
send a separate sheet):

Please complete and return to: Crossroads in Cultural Studies,
University of Tampere, Department of Sociology and Social
Psychology, P.O. Box 607, FIN-33101, Tampere, Finland;
tel: +358 31 2156949, +358 31 368 1848; fax: +358 31 2156 080;


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or if the command above fails, connect your gopher to address: 70 and follow the path starting by: "16. Information in English/"

Marko Valo
Secretary of the organizing committee
University of Tampere, Dept. of Sociology and Social Psychology