More about field gear

Diane E King (deking@WSUNIX.WSU.EDU)
Sun, 9 Apr 1995 10:03:11 -0700

I'd like to add my two cents to the list of gear for the field (wherever
"the field" might be - from this list it sounds like it's remote and

First, two trivial items: a Candle Lantern (made by Uco Corp.), and
several Nalgene bottles in various sizes. Both are available at
backpacking stores.

My second recommendation is in the computer department: The Tandy 102 is a
great little machine if you want something low budget, lightweight, and
difficult to destruct. Although some consider it a dinosaur, it still
fills its niche better than anything else I know of, having survived lots
of abuse at my tropical field location. It weighs 3 pounds and can run for
quite awhile on a pack of four "D" batteries. (The screen is only a couple
of inches high and requires a lot less juice than a conventional laptop
screen). The 102 uses an external disk drive that is not IBM compatible;
however, you can buy a program and cable that attaches to the IBM serial
port for easily transferring data once you are back from the field.

The Tandy 102 costs about $250. It is difficult to find in retail stores.
However, there is a users group which keeps owners in touch and puts out a
catalog with everything in it from silly games to several models of the
Tandy laptop. Their snail address is:

Club 100
P.O. Box 23438
Pleasant Hill, CA 94523-0438

Phone: (510)932-8856 Fax:(510)937-5039

BBS: (510)939-1246 (Over 1,000 programs available on-line)

It's possible that Club 100 has a home page on WWW, but I can't seem to
find that information at the moment.

I hope this is useful to someone.

Diane E. King