Logistics of field projects

oecpc114@sivm.si.edu ("oecpc114@sivm.si.edu)
Fri, 7 Apr 1995 10:58:18 EDT

in addition to the problems of field projects mentioned by Michael F.
(see how easy it is to refer without repeating <grin>): one thing i
hated as a recent BA in classical archaeology in 1984, with the choice of
a. going back to school
b. volunteering on digs
c. going into a different line of work
was the way the knowledge and skills of volunteers were often entirely
discounted by supervisors. I was never the only volunteer with an
arch background, and many others were extrememly well-read on
methodoloy or the particular site, but more often than not those running
the dig treated everyone like highschool students or suburbanites on
safari. I didnt expect them to put us in charge of large areas of the site or
the lab, but when often the only option for those who want to practice archaeo
logy is to volunteer, it would seem wise for dig supervisors to look for--and u
se- any skills the volunteers bring.
rachel b.