Re: Is there any hope at all....

Thu, 6 Apr 1995 14:27:53 EDT

I have to second rick wilk's thought on academic employment. When I
got my Ph.D. in anthropology in 1982, I got no help from my
department at university of arizona in landing a job, and no help
from anyone else. Surpise, I got no job in academic anthropology.
Because I had done a little bit of work in consumer research, I did
get an incredible job offer from Northwestern University's Marketing
departmnet, widely considered the best in the country. I turned it
down to go do more applied work in west africa. I spent a number of
years doing that before going back onto the academic anthropology job
market. To my surprise I then landed a job in an applied sort of
anthropology program at CU-Denver. But because I was and still am
interested in global consumer behavior, I landed a sequence of jobs
in marketing departments. I still do consulting in economic
development and natural resrouces management. But hey, I have had as
Rick said to be super flexible and reinvent myself many times over.
Them's the breaks. cheers, eja