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in Mexico, and other areas of Latin America? I had learned that the
ejidos were established as communal land for the Indios by the
Spanish presumably drawing on indigenous traditions---but I was never clear
as to how the ejido was connected with the creation of the pueblos? Was the
ejido land connected to the pueblo communities? Also, to what extent was
the ejido land different for the closed corporate Indian communities of
the highlands, versus the open-market oriented peasant communities of the
lowlands?---(vocabulary lifted from Eric Wolf's classification)--- I know
that in Mexico, under the Salina's regime, the ejido communal land was
being privatized and this has created serious economic and political
problems among the Indians and other peasant farmers. The argument that
justified these government policies was that the ejidos had become
increasingly inefficient and inhibited (capitalist) development.

Any assistance on clarifying this issue would be greatly


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