request for information: video studies of ritual

Professor Robert Thornton (031RTHOR@MUSE.ARTS.WITS.AC.ZA)
Wed, 5 Apr 1995 04:09:45 -0400

I have a colleague, Laura Cloete, who is using video as a research
tool to study performative and other aspects of ritual in the rural
Transkei (Eastern Cape Province of South Africa). There is very
little literature here, and we are interested in accessing whatever
research information, or literature is available, in whatever
format(video, text, internet, WWW ). Is there anyone who is working
on this area or with these sorts of tools? She has work by David
Turton, is in contact with the Manchester U. Grenada Centre, and
some other material. She is nterested in methodological as well as
substantive work. If you have something, please email to me, and I
will pass it on to her since she does not yet have an email account.
Thanks. -r.

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