List Bickering and RJ

Hugh W Jarvis (hjarvis@ACSU.BUFFALO.EDU)
Wed, 5 Apr 1995 02:41:12 -0400

A colleague has pointed something out to me that I should have only
fairly have addressed a while back, when I regrettably removed Robert
Johnson from anthro-l.

While I appreciate that a number of you (many of whom were silent
until after the whole sequence of events was over) felt quite
strongly about what was being said on anthro-l, I feel a number of
you got rather carried away in your public demands that Mr. Johnson
be removed and especially in how you reacted to his posts. I would
hope that the instinct to respond overpowered the wiser choice to
refrain from replying or at least to "sleep on it"... While several
people admirably attempted to engage Johnson in objective debate,
others resorted to ridicule, and questioned his motives, and, if I
recall correctly (it's late) his qualifications. While there may
be room for such behaviour, perhaps in the "bar", or better yet, the
"school lunchroom", I think we should all be striving for more than
that. Let's redecorate this somewhat soiled place, perhaps adding a
chandelier and the odd brass candlestick, and making room for some
hardwood furniture and linen tablecloths...

Let's all try to keep anthro-l as professional a medium as possible!


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