Re: Ph.D WID programs? (fwd)

Paul M. Englesberg (englesbp@PACIFICU.EDU)
Sun, 2 Apr 1995 21:02:49 -0700

At the University of Massachusetts,Amherst, the Center for International
Education has an Ed.D. program which emphasizes development work and WID
is a strong interest there. The program has a very good reputation in
non-formal education and has worked with projects in Indonesia, Ecuador,
and various countries in Africa.

On Mon, 20 Mar 1995, Cliff Sloane wrote:

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> Subject: Ph.D WID programs?
> I have a friend who received a masters degree in Third World Development at
> Nagoya University in Japan. Her thesis was on "Women and Development in
> Egypt." She would like to know whether there is a Ph.D program for Third
> World Development. More specifically, she is interested in continuing her
> research in WID (women in development). Are there any Ph.D programs dealing
> with the Third World and WID?
> Thanks