Two Items Brought to My Attention!

Anthro-l Listowners & JWA Editors (ANTOWNER@UBVM.BITNET)
Sat, 1 Apr 1995 17:37:59 EST

Please everyone, consider that some of your listeners are paying by the
item for their mail, or just have severely limited time, and really do
not appreciate excessive wasting of band width. Therefore, if you are
considering replying to what someone else has posted, decide whether it
really merits cc'ing it to the list. A number of recent examples have
snook onto anthro-l that were quite long and had an exclusively private
frame of reference, and thus should not have gone to the list.

Secondly, it has been brought to my attention that someone has posted
private mail to the list. I have not yet determined who this person is,
but will take this opportunity to remind you that this is forbidden,
unless you have permission (in which case you should say so).


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