Equipment for the field

Glenn Stone (stone@COLUMBIA.EDU)
Fri, 29 Apr 1994 13:37:55 EDT

I have to buy several pieces of equipment for use in ethnoarchaeolo-
gical/ethnographic fieldwork in Nigeria this summer and I'd like to
get some recommendations, pro and con. I haven't bought a laptop or
camera in 6 years and by now, as Firesign Theater once observed,
Everything I Know is Wrong. I'm especially (but not exclusively)
interested in recommendations based on field use. Email rather than
post please.

Between my collaborator and myself we need to buy:

1. fast 486-based laptop, color screen
2. low end 386 or 486sx laptop, mono screen
3. power options in areas w/o electricity (batteries that are charged
by the car battery, solar, etc.)
3. SLR camera (my present equipment is mainly Pentax, some Olympus,
but I haven't looked at their current models or lenses).
4. GPS, relatively high end


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