Cultural Aspects of Design Network

christopher dore (cdore@UNLINFO.UNL.EDU)
Mon, 25 Apr 1994 21:35:23 -0500

The Cultural Aspects of Design Network has been reorganized and is
functioning once again.


Existing Network Members: Notify network administrator Christopher
Dore by 1 June 1994 if you want to remain a part of the Network.

Perspective Network Members: Please read the message below and
contact the network administrator Christopher Dore for a registration

The Cultural Aspects of Design Network was formed to generate a
greater understanding of the impact of social, cultural, and
behavioral issues on environmental design. Members of the group are
interested in research leading to culturally appropriate and
responsive design solutions. Research interests include a range of
topics such as the study of cross-cultural design variation,
vernacular architecture, public space, symbolism and meaning in the
built environment, housing design in the developing world, and the
sociocultural context of design. Network members include design
professionals and educators, anthropologists, environmental
psychologists, sociologists and area specialists interested in
culture/design interactions. Specialties range from
ethnoarchaeological and ethnohistorical analyses of vernacular
architecture to interpretations of cultural aspects of the
environment. The network was organized to enhance and encourage these
interests and to bring the group's concerns and expertise to the
attention of other researchers, design professionals, funding and
development agencies, and the general public.

Members of the network get together at meetings of the Environmental
Design Research Association, Society for Applied Anthropology,
American Anthropological Association, Council of Educators in
Landscape Architecture, and Built Form & Culture Research Conference
to exchange views and to plan sponsored workshops and publications.
There are currently over 200 Network members from over 20 countries.

Initial membership in the network and listing in the Directory is
available by requesting a membership form from the Network
administrator Christopher Dore. The Network Directory is available in
several formats on the Internet at no charge by anonymous FTP to and changing to the directory /ftp/pub/misc/edra/cadnd.
Paper copies are available by request.

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