FAQ: Network Resources of Interest to Anthropologists (update)

Allen Lutins (al2032@CSC.ALBANY.EDU)
Fri, 22 Apr 1994 22:45:14 -0400


Compiled By: allen h. lutins (al2032@thor.albany.edu)
Release: 4.0
Last Update: April 1994
Posted to: ANTHRO-L, ARCH-L, sci.anthropology, sci.archaeology
Archived at: Gopher: ArchNet; Archaeology Information & Software
Anonymous ftp: ftp.neosoft.com (in directory
and lucy.ukc.ac.uk

This list is intended for those who already have a grasp of how to use such
net tools as listserv, ftp, telnet, gopher, and World Wide Web. Feel free to
contact me with corrections, updates and comments, but if you need further
assistance in utilizing these resources, please see the list at the
end of this document! I don't have the space to thank everyone who's
contributed so far, but i must acknowledge Peter Stott's "Internet Resources
for Heritage Conservation, Historic Preservation and Archaeology" as a very
useful resource (write to him for a copy: pstott@jade.tufts.edu)

AEGEANET -- Pre-Classical Aegean World
apply to majordomo@acpub.duke.edu (message: "subscribe aegeanet")
messages to: aegeanet@acpub.duke.edu

AIA-L -- Archaeology & Technology
apply to mailserv@cc.brynmawr.edu (moderated)
messages to aia-request@cc.brynmawr.edu

ANSS-L -- Discussion Forum for Information Specialists in Anthropology,
Sociology and Related Fields
apply to listserv@uci.edu

ANTHAP (open only to members of Society for Applied Anthropology or National
Association of Practicing Anthropologists) -- Applied anthropology news,
announcements, jobs, etc.
apply to anthap-request@oakland.bitnet {not a server}

ANTHRO-L -- Anthropology
apply to listserv@ubvm.cc.buffalo.edu

ARCH-L -- Archaeology
apply to listserv@tamvm1.tamu.edu

ASAONET -- Anthropology of Oceania
apply to listserv@uicvm.uic.edu or listserv@uicvm.bitnet

AZTLAN-L -- Mesoamerican studies
apply to listserv@ulkyvm.louisville.edu

DEVEL-L -- Technology transfer in international development
apply to listserv@auvm.bitnet

ETHMUS-L -- Ethnomusicology
apply to listserv@umdd.bitnet

ETHNO -- Ethnomethodology/conversation analysis
apply to comserve@rpiecs.bitnet
messages to ethno@rpiecs.bitnet

ETHNOHIS -- Ethnology and history
apply to listserv@hearn.bitnet

FOLKLORE -- Folklore
apply to listserv@tamvm1.tamu.edu

HISTARCH -- Historial Archaeology
apply to listserv@asuacad.bitnet or listserv@asuvm.inre.asu.edu

HUMBIO-L -- Human Biology
apply to humbio-request@acc.fau.edu

INTERCUL -- Intercultural communication
apply to comserve@rpiecs.bitnet
messages to intercul@rpiecs.bitnet

JWA -- Journal of World Anthropology
apply to listserv@ubvm.cc.buffalo.edu (back-issues available via buffalo
gopher; see below)

LORE -- Folklore
apply to listserv@ndsuvm1.bitnet

MUSEUM-L -- Museum issues
apply to listserv@unmvma.unm.edu or listserv@unmmvm.bitnet

NATIVENET -- For those interested in "native cultures"
contact Gary Trujillo {gst@gnosys.svle.ma.us}

PACARC-L -- Pacific Rim archaeology
apply to listserv@wsuvm1.bitnet

XCULT-X -- Intercultural communication
apply to listserv@umrvmb.bitnet

Name Topic
---- -----
alt.native Native American issues
rec.food.historic ancient foods
sci.anthropology anthropology
sci.anthropology.paleo evolution of humans and other primates
sci.archaeology archaeology
soc.misc miscellaneous social issues
soc.* issues pertaining to culture area or country "*"

ftp.cit.cornell.edu /pub/special/NativeProfs/usenet
Native American information

ftp.halcyon.com /pub/FWDP
Fourth World Documentation Project--Information on indigenous peoples

ftp.neosoft.com /pub/users/claird/sci.anthropology
Anthropology/archaeology information and software

ftp.tex.ac.uk /pub/archaeology [?]
Archaeology software; "World Archaeological Council News"

ftp.uu.net /pub/linguistics
Linguistics archive: syllabi, handouts, fonts, lexica, software, papers,
digests, more!

ftp.u.washington.edu /public/calib
Radiocarbon calibration program for IBMs

grv.dsir.govt.nz /Archaeometry
Archaeology software; Use "cd [.archaeometry]"

info.umd.edu /info/Government/US/Cesus-90
Census information

USGS maps

oak.oakland.edu /pub/msdos/mapping
GIS software (OzGIS)

rascal.ics.utexas.edu /misc/misc
State Dept. travel Advisories

seq1.loc.gov /pub/vatican.exhibit & pub/deadsea.scrolls.exhibit
On-line museum exhibits

sparky2.esd.mun.ca /pub
Geology software

spectrum.xerox.com /pub/map
USGS maps, census data, etc.

ucsbuxa.ucsb.edu /hcf
"Computing & Humanities" archive

ubvm.cc.buffalo.edu anthro-l
World Email Directory of Anthropologists (can also be searched via gopher see

vela.acs.oakland.edu /pub/anthap
ANTHAP (Applied Anthropology Computer Network) archives

Acadame This Week (Chronicle of Higher Education; new issue every Tuesday at
noon; extensive digest, includes articles, listings of jobs,
conferences, grants, etc.)
Server: chronicle.merit.edu

ANTHAP (Applied Anthropology Computer Network) archives
Server: gopher.acs.oakland.edu; select `Applied Anthropology Computer

Anthropology information
Server: toto.ycc.yale.edu 7000 select `Archaeology Academics' from the
phone book.
Server: uniwa.uwa.edu.au; select `Departmental', then `people with a
common interest'

Archaeology information/software
Server: ftp.tex.ac.uk; select item 4 (Archaeology)

Archnet (Prehistoric archaeology of the Northeast)
Server: spirit.lib.uconn.edu [OR use World Wide Web server; see below]

Bishop Museum [Access to nearly every museum that's on the Internet!]
Server: bishop.bishop.hawaii.org

Buffalo server ["World E-mail directory of anthropologists" and back-issues of
"Journal of World Anthropology"; both also available via ftp; (see above)]
Server: wings.buffalo.edu. Select "Academic & Departmental Information,"
then "Academic Departments," then "Anthropology Department"

Classics and Archaeology
Server: rome.classics.lsa.umich.edu [OR use World Wide Web server; see

Georgia Anthro (inc. general southeastern anthropology, CRM, etc.)
Server: julian.dac.uga.edu

Historical documents
Server: scilibx.ucsc.edu; select items 7 (The Library), then 3 (Electronic
Books and Other Texts), then 19 (Historical Documents).

Library of Congress Machine-Assisted Realization of the Virtual
Electronic Library
Server: marvel.loc.gov; or telnet to marvel.loc.gov and login as

Native American Issues and Culture
Server: absolut.gmu.edu

Primate Information Net
Server: gopher.primate.wisc.edu

Smithsonian Natural History Museum
Server: nmnh.si.edu

UC-Berkeley Museum
Server: ucmp1.berkeley.edu

USGS data & reports
Server: merlot.welch.jhu.edu; select the following menu choices
from each succeeding menu: 13 (search/retrieve software), 8 (search/
retreive graphics), 3 (search all), then 2 (graphics software).

World E-mail directory of anthropologists
Server: wings.buffalo.edu; select "Academic & Departmental Information," then
"Academic Departments," then "Anthropology Department," and finally
"World Email Directory of Anthropology" (also available as a single
file via ftp; see above)

Archaeological Field Work Opportunities
Server: http://durendal.cit.cornell.edu/TestPit.html

Archnet (Prehistoric archaeology of the northeast)
Server: http://spirit.lib.uconn.edu/HTML/archnet.html [or use gopher
server; see above]

Classics and Mediterranean Archaeology World Wide Web server
Server: http://rome.classics.lsa.umich.edu/welcome.html [or use gopher
server; see above]

Server: http://life.anu.edu.au/landscape_ecology/pollen.html

UC-Berkeley Museum of Paleontology hypertext server
Server: http://ucmp1.berkeley.edu:80/welcome.html

Anthropology News Network
Makes anthropological perspectives on news and issues available to the
public; write to stephens@chuma.csc.usf.edu (Daniel Stephens) for more

Coombspapers Data Bank
Electronic repository of social science & humanities research papers and
documents; ftp to coombs.anu.edu.au & get file INDEX from directory
`coombspapers' (available via Gopher as well).

World Systems Archive
Announcements, documents, data, biographical and publications information;
ftp to csf.colorado.edu and connect to directory `wsystems'.

National Archaeological Database
Telnet to cast.uark.edu

The Internet Companion, A Beginner's Guide To Global Networking
by Tracy LaQuey with Jeanne C. Ryer. Addison-Wesley Publishing.
Includes a detailed history of the Internet, a discussion on "netiquette"
(network etiquette), and how to find resources on the net.

The Whole Internet
by Ed Krol. O'Reilly & Associates. ISBN: 1-56592-025-2. 400 pages. $24.95 US.
Covers the basic utilities used to access the network and then guides users
through the Internet's "databases of databases" to access the millions of
files and thousands of archives available; from the folks who brought you "The
Whole Earth Catalog."

Zen & the Art of Internet
by Brendan Kehoe. Prentice Hall. ISBN: 0-13-010778-6. 112 pages. $22.00 US.
A good reference to consult if you're curious about what can be done with the

The Internet Guide for New Users
McGraw-Hill, 1993.
Discusses telnet, FTP, and Archie, and suggests how to get an Internet
account; teaches enough UNIX to survive on the net.

A Student's Guide to UNIX
by Harley Hahn. McGraw Hill (College Division). ISBN: 0-07-025511-3.
Everything you need to know about the Unix operating system and the Internet,
including Unix commands, utilities, netnews, ftp, gopher, etc.