Re: Hurt Feelings

carter pate (CPATE@UTCVM.BITNET)
Mon, 18 Apr 1994 10:37:55 EDT

Tibor Benke writes:

I too lurk and I am always behind in my reading. I am also very sorry that
Stephanie has chosen to use her time to better advantage - I will miss her
even though she justly rebuked me once when I deserved it. On the other
hand, maybe this list ocasionaly calls for a more demonstrative response
then mere exhortation to profesional behavior.

My thoughts:
Bravo, Tibor!
I like to send a brief "amen," "bravo," "ole!" or what have
you, when I like a comment, especially one which is struggling against the
current. I pot it privately, and several good private exchanges have resulted.
Regardless of the "nasties" there are a lot of nice people on the list. They
should remind each other occassionaly that they're still around.