Questions about Ireland

Mon, 18 Apr 1994 00:02:43 EDT

Hi, I'm doing a short paper about land transmission in Ireland before and
after the Famine (plus: in the North American context) and I would like
complementary information, precision, justification, confirmation...on the
following questions:
Was there a dowry system in Ireland before the Famine?
What was the importance of agriculture as opposed to pastoralism (and
When did emigration begin?
When did the potato come to Ireland as an important production?
Dates of the demographic growth?
In all cases: who owned the land?
What was the average (+minMax) size of the owned fields, in all cases?
Who works the family fields?
When did "arranged marriages" become important?
In all cases (especially in emigrated context), what kind of residential
composition was there?
How was land dispersed in all cases?
I would like to make clear that I already have many answers to those
questions but I wish to assure myself of the validity of those answers and
to get some complementary information about some of them.
Thanks in advance for your help.
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