Gender/archaeology biblio

Wed, 13 Apr 1994 18:39:00 PDT

In answer to my recent query for published research on the archaeology
of gender and colonization in New World contexts, I received several
useful replies as well as encouragement to share them with the list
members. Kelley Hays-Gilpin, Navajo Nation Archaeology Dept.,
Northern Arizona University offered the following suggestions.

"Here are the basic references we use in my gender and archaeology
seminar at Northern Arizona Univ. They should lead you to at least
some material on colonization in their various bibliographies--
especially look at articles by Chris Hastorf (Inca) and Elizabeth
Brumfiel (Aztec) in the Gero and Conkey volume.

Engendering Archaeology: Women and Prehistory, edited by Joan M. Gero
and Margaret W. Conkey, 1991, Basil Blackwell, Oxford

Women in Prehistory, by Margaret Ehrenberg, 1989, University of
Oklahoma Press

The Archaeology of Gender, edited by Dale Walde and Noreen D. Willows,
1991, Proceedings of the 22nd Annual Chacmool Conference, University
of Calgary (this one can be tough to order through a bookstore, best
to go directly through the Archaeo. Dept. at Calgary, I have the
address if you need it)

Exploring Gender through Archaeology: Selected Papers of the 1991
Boone Conference, edited by Cheryl Claasen, 1992, Prehistory Press.

If you hear of a list for gender and archaeo/anthro, please let me
know--I'd love to join, and I expect at least several of my students
and two fellow Navajo Nation archaeologists would like to as well. I
am currently researching gender ideology and iconography in the
prehistoric puebloan area of the US Southwest, and am also working
with Miranda Warburton on gender and craft and exchange
specialization in this area. If you think this message would be
useful to others on the list, or help you drum up interest in gender
studies in archaeo., please forward it to the list."

forward by C.L. Lyons