gender/archaeology biblio 2

Wed, 13 Apr 1994 18:41:00 PDT

"For the archeology of gender in New World, you might try looking in a
book called "A Gendered Past", which is a critical annotated
bibliography with high quality reviews of lots of gender books and
articles. It is Tech. Report 25, Museum of Anthro, U Michigan, Ann
Arbor, ed. by E. Bacus et al, 1993. It lists works by E. Scott on
gender in the Great Lakes fur trade region, K. Deagan on Spanish
Florida, etc.

I haven't read much about gender in the New World but know a little
because my wife, Starr Farr, studies gender and colonization in the
Island Caribs (Lesser Antilles), unfortunately she hasn't got
anything in print on it. I myself study gender in prehistoric Italy
from the Neolithic to the Iron Age (as part of a very broad/
unfocussed dissertation). I haven't seen much on the archeology of
gender in early Italy, however; for the IA all I know off hand is an
article by Bartoloni on the status of women in Rivista di
Antropologia (1988 I think), and some interesting stuff in Bietti-
Sestieri's new book from Cambridge on Osteria dell'Osa. If you know
of any good refs on gender or native/Greek interactions in Sicily I'd
be very interested in them. I have some ideas on gender ideology
change in early historic Italy but they're not based on too much...."

forwarded by C.L. Lyons