Re: sexual selection

Kelley Hays-Gilpin (KAH2@A1.UCC.NAU.EDU)
Wed, 13 Apr 1994 08:42:00 -0700

Seems like several times people have asked questions about gender issues then
followed them with some version of "respond personally, not to the list" or"I'm
sure the list isn't generally interested, so you you can respond to me at..."
Just today we had queries on gender and archaeology from C.L. Lyons and on
sexual selection from John Langdon. I, for one, am more interested in these
issues than a lot of what goes on in this forum. Gender is one of the most
basic ways humans have of classifying people, work, deities, forces of nature,
even colors, emotions, etc. What is biologically based and what is culturally
and historically specific gender ideology (or more realistically, how much of
each of these two possibilities and what other possibilibites...) is a very
interesting topic--even for archaeologists. I am teaching a rather exploratory
seminar in gender and archaeology here at Northern Arizona University, as I
mentioned to C.L. Lyons in a private message just before I saw Langdon's
message. Are gender issues being marginalized on Anthro-l because few
subscribers are interested or because those of us who are interested DON'T
EXPECT anyone else to be interested, and so we are marginalizing ourselves?

An indubitably trivial addendum: If you don't sign your messages, I for one
can't tell who wrote them--you might say those of you who don't sign your notes
are marginalizing yourselves from those of us whose mail programs clip off the
"original sender" address--Hugh Jarvis has graciously helped me find out why,
but my university computer center is not responding to my pleas. Thanks.

--Kelley Hays-Gilpin
Navajo Nation Archaeology Dept. at Northern Arizona University