Tourigny Francois (tourignf@ERE.UMONTREAL.CA)
Wed, 13 Apr 1994 09:02:19 -0400

13 avril 1994,

I am deeply disapointed...

I am a graduated student in anthropology, from the Universite de Montreal.
Some of my colleagues haven told me a great deal about ANTHRO-L news, I
tried it for about two weeks or so. Since then I recieved an average of
15 notes a day in my E-mail. On that, about three or four of them were
professionnaly or scientificly acceptable. All the rest were about e-mail
restling, stabbing or scratching of eatch other feeling, or ego.

I am quite skoked and I am wondering about the reliability of
professionals who are supposed to have an opened mind, and a good critical
approached of facts and points of views. Actually, the only positive
thing I have readed so far on this chatting matter, is the formal
appologies who was done.

On this channel I did expected interesting point of view, an some exanges
of constructive critics, questions or point of view in an relatively
civilized manners, behavior and language. I have to thanks the few
writters who I keeped their notes for further reading. But for now on, I
would like to have my name and E-mail number removed from this news group
for a while. I sincerely hope, before the people who are concerned about
th is note started to shower or fire me, some users of this channel would
consider to grow up a bit and started to behave like professionals in a
courteus way. So it would be interesting and stimulating to freely
exange, or even opposite, with other people who shares the same interest.


Francois Tourigny