Don Hill (donhill@WIMSEY.COM)
Tue, 12 Apr 1994 22:53:25 -0800

Dear Mary,


>I read E.A. Hummel's commentary in the current AAA newsletter.
>Couldn't we discuss his article and what it means to anthropological
>theory and practice instead all the talk about post structuralism,
>chaos, and all that stuff that will never do humanity any good? Don't
>we have some responsibility to face the Worlld's real problems?

There's no shortage of global problems to solve - just effective problem
solving tools. And it's abundantly clear present attempts at solving
global troubles aren't working. That's why I'm interested in sustaining
the present level of dialogue regarding chaos et al. In the collision of
conversation there might emerge promising solutions to real-world ills.

Cordially yours,

Don Hill