Hist/Philos of Sci mtgs?

Jacobs Kenneth (jacobsk@ERE.UMONTREAL.CA)
Tue, 12 Apr 1994 11:53:11 -0400

This is being cross-listed, so I apologize for the repeats.

Over the past several months, repeated references have
been made on this list to up-coming (1994-1995, even '96) Meetings
dealing with themes in the history, philosophy, etc. of science (e.g., 4S
and others). I never saved these references, not anticipating having the
needed funds. Wholly unexpectedly, that situation has changed and I now find
myself in a position to go to meetings where I am not giving papers.
Thus I would be very grateful to anyone who could send me information
on any such events.

My "normal science" realm is human biocultural evolution,
but I am increasingly drawn into readings, discussions, etc. dealing with
science as social product, the role of ideology in interpretation of "objective
fact" (e.g., human phylogeny and culture history), so a wide variety of
meetings are apt to be of interest to me.

Thanks in advance,

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