S. Nelson signs off

Stephanie Nelson (NELSON@USCVM.BITNET)
Mon, 11 Apr 1994 16:46:30 PDT

The more I reread this, the more brutalized and angry I feel. I am taking
Mike Lieber up on his final words to me by leaving this list. Mike owes me
an apology that I doubt I will ever see, but at least he can start signing
his name to his posts again. You win, Mike. okay? Stephanie Nelson
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Subject: racists, fascists, and other people who disagree with S. Nelson
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So Dan Foss is a racist and Danny Yee (not Steve or Stevie, Shirley) is a
fascist (albeit an academic one). Is it possible that S. Nelson will ever
run out of names to call people who disagree with her? I somehow doubt it.
Danny Yee made a point that holds for a whole lot of us. Perhaps if you'd
read carefully what he had to say, Sally, instead of skimming while thinking
mostly about how you were going to reply [...]

Maybe S. Nelson's days would go better if she read better stuff.

Mike Lieber