National Archeological Database demo & info at the SAAs

Fri, 8 Apr 1994 09:10:00 EDT

Brad Bigelow asked about the internet address for NADB the other day
which prompts this note.

Members of the staff of the Archeological Assistance Division of the
National Park Service will have a booth at the upcoming SAA meetings in
Anaheim to provide information on and demonstrate NADB. We now have
two modules on line, as many of you know, NADB-Reports and NADB-NAGPRA.
The Reports database is presently being updated to ca. 132,000 records
(we hope the update will be online by the SAAs or very soon thereafter).
NADB-NAGPRA has lots of text information dealing with the Native AMerican
Graves Protection and Repatriation Act that can be downloaded. This
includes the text of the Act, information on regulations and guidance,
Review Committee meeting minutes and NAGPRA notices published in the
Federal Register. It also identifies contacts for Indian tribes and
Federal agencies; this is an extensive list that is presently being
updated and should be available in May-June 1994. We also have two more
modules in the works, NADB-Permits and NADB-MAPS (Multiple Attribute
Presentation System).

Please stop by our booth at the SAA to learn about or get caught up on the
latest features of NADB!

S. Terry Childs
NADB-Reports Coordinator