Repatriation book info

Thu, 7 Apr 1994 22:20:36 -0700

These references are from a fax I received from John W. Verano, Physical
Anthropologist/Case Officer, Repartiation Office, National Museum of Natural
History, Smithsonian Institution:

Rose, Jerome C., et al. (1991) Paleopathology Association Skeletal Database
Committee Recommendations. Paleopathology Association, Detroit, MI.

Buikstra, Jane E., Ubelaker, Douglas H., and Johnathan Haas (eds.) Standards
for Data Collection from Human Skeletal Remains, Proceedings from a Seminar at
the Field Museum of Natural History (in prep).

Verano, John W., Javier Urcid, Beverly S. Byrd, and Bruno Frolich (1993)
Documentation of Human Skeletal Subject to Repatriation: a View From the Mall.
Paper presented at the annual meeting of the American Association of Physical
Anthropologists, Toronto. American Journal of Physical Anthropology, Supplemen
t 16:201 (abstract).

I hope these references are helpful to those who are interested!

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