Re: racists, fascists,

Nancy Bowles (nrb6@COLUMBIA.EDU)
Thu, 7 Apr 1994 18:56:36 -0400

On Thu, 7 Apr 1994 U28550@UICVM.BITNET wrote:

> All of us are busy, and few of us have the time to
> read everything we'd like to read, no less everything we need to read. With
> most of us, choice is necessary. Most of us, I assume, base our choice on a
> single principle--what's in it for me?

so, Mike, if you are TOO busy to read Derrida, how do you find the time
to read this list and why? What's in it for you?

> Maybe S. Nelson's days would go better if she read better stuff.

May I suggest she start by not reading your post.

This whole discussion of obscurity sounds like self-defensive posturing.
Why would we care if Mr. Yee won't read Derrida. What is more interesting is why he
feels so defensive about it. I personally don't read physics or
mathmatics, these topics are simply not of my concern. I don't denigrate
these authors for not appealing to
my sensibilities because they are doing what they do and I'm in no
position to judge them, nor care too. I can't help but sense a sort of
whining out there which can only come from a feeling that perhaps Derrida
does have something relevant to say but, you just can't figure it out and
that makes you mad and insecure. Well, whatever! Lose your pretenses
and recognize that it wasn't written for you. Then perhaps you can come
to the writing with more patience and learn something. But, if you don't
want to, than accept that, take responsibility for that decision and move
on. But, don't blame Derrida for it 'cause it's your own problem not his.