moral is

Tue, 5 Apr 1994 22:50:22 EDT

Bluntly, people, you cannot be aware of all the perfectly valid political
grievances embedded in your discourse and reproduce this discourse merely
with cosmetic self-discipline. Yet you must go on doing something, if only
because continuing to do what you are doing is what is done in the society
whereof you are natives. Someday, perhaps later, perhaps sooner, the interests
of equality in the society you are at the moment clearly failing to take for
granted will take priority over perpetuation of everydaylife practice. But
how long can you sustain the cognitive dissonance? What do you do next, on
the other hand, other than the usual, reproducing the selfsame cognitive
dissonance? Just remember that, forget I said it. It'll help the seriousness
of the message.
Thank you and good night.

Daniel A. Foss