now back down to business

Tue, 5 Apr 1994 20:43:48 EDT

what started out as my socially constructed stupidity, now fast turning into
deep down stupidity, permits. This is due to understandable reluctance to
accept said stupidity, whether projected or essential. Accordingly, I must
at this time state for the record that the post entitled "frequently asked
questions with frequently questioned answers" does not mean anything like
what it appears to say; and this is intentional. In the most unlikely event
that any of you have ever put the slightest effort into interpreting my posts,
it is important to know that I was in a *good mood* throughout the writing
of that post.

Once again, I remind you that my project, from the beginning, that is, for
two long years, has been to avail myself of the opportunities afforded by this
medium for writing what I'd call at this moment "throwaway, disposable, but
not recyclable" social theory.

Your credence in the foregoing is not anticipated.

None of the quite impressive generalizations adduced by any of you have to
this point applied to me, so I'll be glued to the set just in case I get
tangentially brushed by one.

Daniel A. Foss