World Wide Web speaks Mambila

Mon, 4 Apr 1994 05:37:34 +0000

A version of a Mambila transcript with digitized recordings has now been
prepared for World Wide Web and hence is accessible to those using a wide
variety of machines.

The document in question is an electronic version of the transcript
included (pp 213-215) in my paper that has appeared in the anthropology
journal Man in 1993. This version, includes digitised sound recordings of
the talk transcribed in the text. The purpose of doing this is to make
more of my data available. I trust that this will be of interest to
linguists as well as to anthropologists and others. In order to protect
the copyright of the RAI (the journal publishers) I am only making the
actual transcript available in this package. The full reference to the
article is: Zeitlyn, David 1993. Reconstructing kinship or the pragmatics
of kin talk. Man 28 (2), 199-224.

The files can be found at

The earlier version for users of Word 5 on Macintosh is available on the
RSL Gopher server in the directory


If you are using a gopher client, connect to, and look inside
the anthropology corner.

Comments on these files are welcome, especially reports from those who do
NOT succeed in accessing the sound files. With the considerable help and
encouragement of David Price from the Radcliffe Science Library these are
in a UNIX 'ulaw' format which we have succeeded in playing on unix machines
and on the Macintosh on which the files were processed. reports from those
on other platforms would be welcomed.

Dr David Zeitlyn,
British Academy Research Fellow,
University of Oxford,
Institute of Social and Cultural Anthropology,
51 Banbury Rd,
OX2 6PE,
Tel. 44-865-274685 FAX 44-865-274630