A new you. Or was it the knew ewe?

Jack Burris (jeburris@STUDENTS.WISC.EDU)
Sun, 3 Apr 1994 06:03:23 CST

Cliff Sloane writes:

>I would submit there is a difference here. On the one hand, it seems
>perfectly reasonable to question how arguments are constructed, and how
>knowledge and its acquisition are defined. Fine. But my complaint is one
>of intention. I find the dense prose of "the French guys" intentionally
>difficult. This is no exercise in epistemological alternatives. This is an
>intentional effort to make readers struggle. One needs to look at the site
>of these difficulties, in an arena of academic competetiveness, to
>understand why people CHOOSE to write impenetrable prose.


("Aw come on, I wasn't running THAT fast!")

Cheer up, imagine what a nightmare THEY'RE having translating THIS!

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he stands to gain from it).